It all started a long time ago…

My family have for generations worn Icelandic sweaters. My grandfather was a fisherman and he often wore a sweater to protect him from the unpredictable weather in Iceland. My grandmother knitted the sweaters and the whole family wore them. They were passed on and shared between siblings and cousins.
When I had my first born, my mother gave me a sweater that I had worn when I was young. My son wears the sweater very often and I really like the idea of re-using a quality garnment, instead of throwing away and buying new.
I decided I wanted to make these beautiful Icelandic sweaters for others also. They’ve been such a success in my family for generations so I thought ‘why not share this idea’. I sat down with my mother and grandmother and designed a sweater with a pattern inspired by the traditional Icelandic pattern design.

Little Iceland is an Icelandic childrens clothing brand, which makes classic Icelandic jumpers and cardigans. All products are designed and hand knitted in Iceland and made in 100% pure icelandic wool. The organic and natural fibres help to regulate your body temperature, it keeps you warm when you‘re cold, but releases heat and moisture when you are hot. The sweaters are available in different colours as a jumper or a buttoned cardigan.

These high quality sweaters can stay in the family for generations, and should be treated as an heirloom which can be handed down from generation to generation.